A brief impression of the Fomats Group


At Gumax®, we believe that everyone can enjoy the outdoors all year long. We also believe that our Gumax® product lines, with their innovative designs, user-friendly setup, and premium quality are key for creating those experiences. Gumax® products are available via 1000+ resellers.


Wapax its focus is on the lease of distribution center space with a minimum BREEAM classification of VERY GOOD, while constantly offering strategic value-added-services to improve property value and maximising its returns. Also, our goal is to let all distribution center spaces blend in with the environment.


AS18 offers distribution equipment to companies to organize their warehousing across multiple locations, to reduce equipment expenses, and to guarantee equipment availability by offering full-service management.


Tuinmaximaal wants to let everyone enjoy outdoor living everyday by offering outdoor living products which are accessible for everyone, thanks to our competitive pricing, high quality offerings, and a first-class customer support that has customer satisfaction as a main driver. Tuinmaximaal has been awarded with multiple FD Gazellen awards due to its successfull approach and growth.


Wapop is a trusted real estate expert that offers the rental of offices, warehouses, and other commercial properties. With our thorough understanding of property basics, we can ensure first-class management services that maximize commercial potential of our rentals.


Gutac is an inventory-solutions provider which helps with setting up interconnected operations, maintain optimal stock levels, and improve supply efficiency by offering out of the box and customized solutions.


Sogu is a procurement service partner which not only offers knowledge and services to meet procurement objectives, but also key insights to improve business results. With years of experience, Sogu is able to provide all-in services, both operational and strategic.